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About Us

Tell us what you need - we will find a solution tailored to you and your business. That's who we are.

The popular solutions available on the market do not always meet the individual needs of the recipients - we understand this. That is why, when you need software tailored to the processes taking place in your company, we are at your service.

Using IT services is cost-effective.

Companies that outsource save up to 60 per cent of their fixed staffing costs.* Not to mention the cost of process optimisation itself - what you don't pay attention to every day can cost you thousands. *Outsource Accelerator, 2021

We have the knowledge you need.

Hiring qualified staff, training them, optimising logistical, financial and operational processes - all this is extremely costly and time-consuming. Fide-soft's specialists have the knowledge and skills to save you time, money and obtain a tailor-made solution that will allow your company to continue to grow.

About Us - Get in touch with FIDE-Soft to learn how our software solutions can help your business.
A software house that listens to the client and provides custom software solutions.

Your time is precious. That's why working with Fide-soft is easy.

Your Need

You send us a contact form, we get back to you with additional questions to understand your needs.

Our Action

Our experts prepare a solution according to your needs - you keep your hand in and we make sure the project meets your expectations.

Three people in a business meeting, one using a mobile device, one using a computer, and one customer.

Our specialists

Software is not a simple thing, which is why we have different specialists in our teams.

To program user experience, in our team there are experienced graphic designers and UX designers to program the processes of going through the application so that it is intuitive for the user.

Our developers specialise mainly in Java and Angular technologies. C# is no stranger to us either. In databases, we like Postgres, Mysql and MongoDB. Of course, cloud solutions and tools such as Docker and Kubernetes are a daily routine with us.


We have an individual approach to the client. Here are the services we offer:

IT systems

We are able to design and implement the entire IT system. Including software, applications and IoT. We design software based on the problem we are dealing with.

Legacy Projects

As professionals, we were dealing with old software that was difficult to maintain. In the past, we have undertaken version upgrades for software, debugging bugs and speeding up parts of faulty software.

Web apps development

We develop responsive web applications that are cross-platform. We like to use tools such as the Ionic Framework because it saves time and allows us to write one code for a website, an app for iOs, Android.

Time&Material work

We build a team to your needs, provide recruitment, and give you specialists. We account for you on the basis of regular reports. We don't like to burn time, we want to spend our time on programming, not meetings.

Why choose us?

We deliver excelence

We transform our experience into solutions with which we want to reach the perfection.

We speak different languages

We communicate in languages: English, French and Polish.

Focus on the code

Our main aim is to focus on the code. Therefore, we try to minimise meetings and program in an agile way.






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Our Technologies

Here are the technologies we specialise in:

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